A privately held, Atlanta-based professional services firm that empowers leaders to solve critical business challenges. GXG’s service offerings are tailored to the needs of each client, based on the simple idea that targeted knowledge builds confidence and increases agility.


GXG’s network of relevant industry experts and practitioners that is continuously evolving.

Rapid-Cycle Learning

A targeted knowledge transfer from experts with experience. This method of learning drastically reduces decision uncertainty through the acquisition of knowledge at a rate that outpaces the speed of change.


Vetted and trusted experts and senior leaders from all industries that connect with GXG clients to share practical wisdom.

Knowledge Gap

An area of uncertainty to be bridged in order to solve business challenges and achieve transformation.


True change requires an openness to question assumptions and rethink the core business model. It requires an innovative, open culture and an embrace of new technologies. It will enhance all aspects of your business and ensure relevancy — from the way people work internally to the external interactions your customers experience.