S. Craig Lemasters
Chief Executive Officer

Craig Lemasters is the Chief Executive Officer of GXG. He has a passion for helping business leaders rapidly close knowledge gaps to reach agile leadership. Prior to GXG, Craig served more than 11 years as a President and Chief Executive Officer.

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Ted Sullivan
Chief Marketing Officer

Ted Sullivan is the Chief Marketing Officer of GXG. He has demonstrated success in developing and launching innovative technologies and expanding distribution and markets globally across a range of product categories.

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Megan Sweeney
Chief Operations Officer, Director of Finance

Megan Sweeney is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Finance at GXG. In this role, Megan owns all internal operations for the firm, including HR, finance and accounting, and technology strategy. She also is responsible for the execution and strategic planning for a subset of GXG's clients.

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Charles D. Thomason
Chief Client Officer, Director of Partner Relations

Charles Thomason is the Chief Client Officer and Director of Partner Relations at GXG. He is responsible for the strategy and execution of all of GXG's key clients. In addition to the end-to-end management of his client relationships, Charles collaborates with the CMO on business development opportunities.

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