An Opportunity for a Reset?

I used to travel for work.  A lot.  A big part of me enjoyed meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing new cultures.  Anticipate and pack; unwind and unpack; repeat.  Sound familiar?  My mom would say to me, with a hint of pride in her voice, “I don’t know how you do it.”  But there was something else in her voice, too.  How did I do it?  Why did I do it?    

Truthfully, I didn’t think too much about the answers to either of those questions.  When my days and nights were packed full, the most I could hope for was to get through them.  Sure, I tried to eat right, exercise regularly, and get some rest.  And, gratefully, some of the people who were right alongside me during those months and years are some of the people I admire most and who are among my dearest friends. 

Fast forward to March 2020.  Life as we knew it came to a screeching halt.  For those without children at home and who can work from home, time feels strangely stretched.  For those with children at home, parents have become teachers and childcare providers; time feels strangely shrunken.  For those whose income has been reduced or cut off entirely, a present and real financial threat looms.  No matter the combination of professional and personal scenarios, life changed for everyone almost instantly.  Uncertainty and fear have become the headlines.        

Craig Lemasters says, “Leaders make choices.”  I agree with him.  As difficult as it may be, let’s not let this time pass without trying our hardest to find some good in it.  With the pace and content of our days so different than they were just weeks ago, we have a real opportunity.  To examine.  To assess.  To explore.  To mourn.  To appreciate.  To make some choices about what from this time we choose to keep going forward.       

So, let’s choose to reset, professionally and personally.  While we may not have expected this, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find a way to take advantage of it.

What will I choose to keep from this time?  The creativity and innovation I’ve witnessed in the last few weeks really stands out.  It’s been shocking – in a good way.  And, it’s been inspiring.  It’s made me realize how stuck we have become in ways of thinking about and doing things.  What do I want to do more of?  Challenge conventional thinking and encourage others to do the same.  Ask and answer the question: “how might we …?”           

What will you choose to keep?     


Carey Bongard is a GXG Executive in Residence and Impact Coaching Practice Lead.