Bridging the Gap: RPA

I attended a webinar on RPA today hosted by Forrester Research and Automation Anywhere on the new digital workforce which noted that only 3 percent of large organizations using RPA currently have more than 50 bots deployed. Why is that? At GXG, we’ve identified a major gap between the initial rollout with a vendor and the scaling to an enterprise-wide initiative. While there is plenty of research on the business opportunities (paywall) for RPA deployment and resources for best practices, it's extremely powerful to work with experienced practitioners on how to create a centralized business plan, how to create a framework for prioritization of projects, or how to start training and staffing the organization based on their first-hand experience in an organization like yours.


GXG connected a client bank with three working operators who led their organizations’ RPA initiatives to help the client transition from a consulting engagement to the establishment of an RPA Center of Excellence.

In two meetings within 6 months, this advisory board of experienced RPA leaders worked with internal client leaders to


  1. Define the 3-5 year vision for the business using RPA to improve efficiency and reduce cost in support of the vision for scaling up;

  2. Build an operating and staffing structure for an Automation COE able to identify, qualify, and prioritize new RPA opportunities; and

  3. Frame out a workforce plan including training an upskilling.


Within one quarter, our client went from 0 to 22 bots implemented, all driving significant cost savings. There has also been a positive impact on customer and agent satisfaction scores since the Advisory Board engagement. GXG boards bring relevant, experienced operators alongside client organizations to guide the implementation of strategies and technologies like RPA, helping shorten the learning curve for the business. Client participants leave meetings energized and prepared to start blocking and tackling between meetings, knowing they have relationships and support from GXG and the external board members as needed. 


Check out our RPA Case Study for details from this engagement and our other case studies for more examples of how GXG is bridging the gap in your industry. 


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