Meet the Team: David!

Why is Grit important for you?

GRIT is important to me because it’s used to obtain important and meaningful results. As some of you reading may know, I grew up playing tennis at a high level. In some cases, I was able to defeat players that where far better ranked and more skilled than me due to my GRIT and determination to win.   Unfortunately, in some cases I was beaten by players that were ranked lower than me, but they showed more GRIT during the match.

I believe that the same scenario applies to the business world where talent and skill will take you to a certain point, but it’s our inner fight/grit what will make us successful.  

What is your Grit score?

I recently took it and I got a 3.6 score. My goal is to score a minimum of 4 by mid 2020.

Curious about your Grit score? You can take a quick assessment here! 

What’s a personal hobby you are passionate about?

My wife (Rachel) and I have an 11-month old son (Lucas) and we love to spend time with him and see his “party tricks,” - new things he discovers, etc. We also like to go on long walks with our dog Lola.  Personally, I still enjoy playing tennis and soccer (which I picked up recently)

What’s your out of the office learning goal?

I am very intrigued as to how technology is disrupting every industry. One area that I am passionate about learning is how technology is making its way into sports specifically tennis and soccer. There is a somewhat new company called Playsight that developed “smart tennis courts” that offer streaming services, but also provide data and analytics from practice and matches which is crucial for player development.

Also in soccer, players have been wearing GPS devices under their jersey to track their speed, position on the field (for tactic purposes), injury prevention, and others.

What’s the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?

Use your manners and be polite  

What’s something you’ve read, listened to, or watched recently?

I have a long commute to and from work. This week I’ve listened to Freakonomics episode 388 “ The economics of Sports Gambling”  and read an HBR article titled” The Leader as Coach”

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think like most children, my dream was to become a professional athlete (soccer or tennis) and I think my backup plan was becoming a dentist. I never achieved either one but I am happy with the outcome of my life thus far.

Are you a cat or a dog person?

For sure a dog person even though we have a cat (as I like to say, it came with the marriage package). Additionally, Rachel and I used to foster dogs with an organization in Rome, GA and it was so hard to say bye to the puppies after our foster period was over.


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