Meet the Team: Emma!

Emma is our Director of Content. She oversees and creates content for sales, client fulfillment, and marketing. She is also a licensed attorney.

Why is Grit important to you?

The concept of grit is important to me because it’s something I developed a little late, toward the end of college, and something I still work on. Academically and in my extracurriculars it took running into some sudden, real challenges to start building the skills and perseverance I admired in a lot of my peers. Now I mindfully seek out opportunities that I know will require grit because I know they’ll have a bigger impact on my overall personal and professional development.  

What is your Grit score?


Compared to my colleagues, I think this is a little low; however, the short form of the grit assessment seems to penalize exploring a lot of different interests or projects! Flexibility is one of the coolest parts of my job here at GXG, and I love to dip my toes in new activities outside of work. What I have learned, though, is to apply structure to my experiments. For example, I indulged a curiosity about tap dancing with a six-week introductory workshop at a studio geared toward teaching adults. [MK1] I learned the basic steps and form and I feel like I have a solid foundation to pick it back up if I want to. So I’m not as flighty as this assessment might suggest.

Curious what your grit score is? You can take the quiz here!

What’s a personal hobby that you’re passionate about?

I love singing, especially musical theatre. I’m really proud of my years of study and I like to keep those skills sharp when I can within the lively, competitive Atlanta theatre community. The GXG team has been super supportive, coming out to see two shows I’ve appeared in locally. Because I have to be pretty selective about making the time commitment to a show, I look for something that will be musically challenging or really push my acting or dancing – like tap!

What’s your out of the office learning goal?

My ongoing goal is to reawaken my Spanish language skills. I used to be a proficient speaker and I’d like to recapture the value of all those years of study. Luckily, we have two Spanish speakers in the office who have offered to be conversation partners (when I can conjugate enough verbs!) Fun fact: In high school I won a regional Spanish poetry declamation contest at Clemson University.

What’s the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?

I don’t have a quippy quote to share, unfortunately. The best advice I ever got was from a lawyer I worked for shortly after passing the bar exam. He was everything a mentor should be and was very blunt about what it would take to succeed in the profession. Some of that included observations that maybe practicing law was not what I wanted to do (and he was right!). Thanks to him, when I was weighing my dream lawyer job (a clerkship) and a role at GXG, I felt confident enough to make the leap!

What’s something interesting that you’ve read, listened to, or watched recently?

I have been ripping through Science Fiction and Fantasy novels lately. I’ve accumulated a number of series where I am now waiting for the final book, which is a frustration I don’t want to pass on. But I can recommend the Imperial Radch series for SciFi or The Broken Earth series for Fantasy. The Hugo Awards are a great resource for new books in those categories.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was very little, we have video evidence that I wanted to be a firefighter. But my longest-lived dream was to be a Broadway performer. I have so many friends who are hardworking professional artists, so I’m lucky to have an inside look at the many ways that path is not for me. Now it’s a passion I can nurture without ever regretting my choice of a different career.

Are you a cat or a dog person?

We have two cats and a dog! But I’m probably team cat. They are perfect book reading companions.

Tusker and Ernie


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