The Power of Asking Questions

Questioning is the fundamental tool for learning. It helps us innovate, work around bias, and creates space for input from others. 

I have a confession: I am not good at asking questions. That may sound odd, but it's one of the earliest remarks I can remember from a report card. I agonized over having to submit questions in advance of a class or guest speaker. And in law school, I really struggled to prepare for witness examination. All that is is questions!

The good news is that questioning is a buildable skill. Plus, I happen to be surrounded by GXGers who are excellent questioners, and who continually hone their skills facilitating calls between clients and experts. To practice my questioning skills, I walked around the office and asked my colleagues to share some memorable connection calls where our clients' questions led to informative or even surprising answers.

Here are the highlights:

If you're interested in seeing the full key takeaways from theses conversations, drop us a line at unstuck@gxg.co!

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