Unstuck the book, coming soon!

Emma, our Director of Content, sat down with CEO Craig Lemasters to ask him about his upcoming book. The interview below offers a little teaser of what you can expect when the book is published in early 2020!

Why did you decide to write a book?

The number one reason is I'm super passionate about the topic, because it worked for me when I ran a big company. And now that we've continued to refine the business model and I've seen it really work across many industries, many challenges, and many size organizations I felt it was important to tell the story more broadly.

Who do you hope reads this book?

I hope it's leaders that have the humility to recognize that they're stuck, and who've tried some traditional paths perhaps to get unstuck but are still struggling to grow. Leaders who are curious enough to look to a little bit new and different methodology.

What is the number one thing you want readers to take away from the book?

I want readers to know that there is always hope when we're stuck, and that there is untapped wisdom, all around us, to help us. There are people that have gone before us in virtually everything, every component part of how we get stuck, organizationally. And that should give us great hope that we can work through some of the challenges and create brighter futures for our organizations.

What is your favorite part of the book?

I like the chapter on humility because it's so simple. What's the secret ingredient that leaders have to have to make this process work? The secret ingredient is humility! So it's something we can all do. It's not IQ, it's not something that is just a given trait or characteristic or skill. We can all find humility and if we do that, then this process is immensely helpful. 

What has been the most challenging part about telling this story?

I would say it's sharing my own personal story; I haven't always been super comfortable telling my story. I didn't want the book to be about me, but my team convinced me that it's one of our most powerful case studies about our body of work. The success I saw from using this model is why I ultimately bought the company and decided to grow GXG and then write this book to teach more people the process! So using my story is incredibly important, but I had to get over that hurdle.

Any advice for other first time authors?

Take lots of time on the outline of the book and what each chapter is trying to say. And the key points that then connect to the next chapter so we can read the chapters standalone, but then ultimately connect the dots to the overall message. Spending more time up front, on the outline and the output of each chapter, before you start writing the words, will save you a lot of time on the back end.

Is there going to be a second book?

Yes! Book two will be the second half of our business model, which is how to use the wisdom formula and Rapid Cycle Learning for leader development, which we call Impact Coaching. I believe it's a game changing way to think about individual leader development, much like how advisory boards, which we focused on in book one, have impacted the corporate challenges we face and are stuck on.


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