Atlanta Unleashed

GXG's Chairman, Bruce Barlag, welcomed our guests and shared the history of GXG. The purpose of the program was to illustrate the GXG business model by unleashing Atlanta's expanding growth and opportunities through GXG's Rapid-Cycle Learning™ method. The GXG team facilitated engaging conversations with local experts on the innovative topics that are disrupting and shaping Atlanta's Ecosystem. Some insights that merited interest included:

  • The 200-year-old NYSE is owned by a 12-year-old Atlanta startup
  • State tax incentives were the catalyst for the explosion of the local film industry
  • The 25-year, $90 billion transportation plan includes updating all 9,800 state intersections to be "smart" and communicate with vehicles – 4,300 have already been completed
  • 700 new restaurants are slated to open in Q1 of 2018 leading to a potential labor shortage and continuing pressure on Atlanta's transportation infrastructure to get employees to and from work

At the end of the program GXG's CEO, Craig Lemasters, aligned the learning experience to how GXG delivers value to our clients through Rapid-Cycle Learning – targeted knowledge transfer from experts through facilitated conversations – resulting in agile leaders capable of making better and faster decisions.

The day concluded with local food and beverages showcasing Atlanta's cuisine while participants explored the new GXG office and expanded their networks!

GXG would like to thank all participants!

Bruce BarlagRapid-Cycle Learning