Future Digital Finance

GXG is excited to announce that Ted Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, is a panelist at the Future Digital Finance 2019 Conference. GXG works closely with organizations to help them get "unstuck" on critical growth and execution challenges by tapping into an intentionally selected network of external operators with practical insights to share. 

If you would like to learn more, please email info@gxg.co to schedule time with Ted!


Keynote Panel Discussion Remix 

Determining The Right Third Party Relationships To Effectively Foster Innovation In Your Organization

Many financial institutions want to implement digital innovations but don’t have the capability to do in-house. In those cases, they turn to technology and solution providers. The relationship between financial institutions and third parties is vital to digital transformation, but it is also complex. In this session we’ll talk about:

  • Coordinating with third parties to align contracts and project timelines 

  • Finding third parties that work well together to have a complete view of your customer 

  • Getting leadership to look beyond costs of third party agreements in favor of the long term benefits

  • Gaining internal alignment and prioritization during vendor evaluation to achieve valuable innovation 

  • Looking across the organization to be truly successful in vendor implementation


GXG Panelist: Ted Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer