Our Advisory Board program tackles strategic executional challenges that the organization is facing through an alliance of internal stakeholders and a group of external practitioners.

Value Delivered

  • Clarity around your goals by leveraging a group of external experts to test and learn, pivoting as needed
  • Increased speed of execution along with increased confidence in the path forward
  • External accountability for the work recommended between meetings


Advisory Boards transition the academic to actionable – a board is a powerful follow-up to a traditional consulting engagement.

Program Design: We turn an evaluation of the enterprise- or division-level transformational challenge into profiles of experience wanted. GXG then works closely with internal leaders to build a vetted group of external professionals whose proficiencies complement one another.

Meeting Execution: We expertly craft the agenda and intentionally build the meeting environment to drive open, honest discussion. Most importantly, we drill down to the "how-to's" you need to know to take meaningful action

Working Groups: We keep the board working even between meetings by forming Working Groups. We capture next steps coming out of each meeting and make recommendations where initiatives align best to the board members’ experience. GXG then recommends best practices for how to drive progress before the next meeting and ensures the critical discussions take place.