GXG Advisory Boards bring the outside in to pressure test critical enterprise strategies. A custom-assembled team of experts with hands on experience join senior leaders to chart the way forward.

Academic to actionable Icon

Academic to actionable

Our advisory boards are a powerful follow-up to a traditional consulting engagement or internal strategy deep-dive. Conversations center around how to best execute the company’s identified strategy, leveraging advice from those who have done it before.

Unbiased, external facilitator Icon

Unbiased, external facilitator

GXG runs the advisory board meetings, ensuring unbiased guidance throughout the sessions. This model allows all internal client stakeholders to participate fully, without distraction.

Fast-paced, high energy environment Icon

Fast-paced, high energy environment

Based on our experience deploying boards across a variety of industries and strategic focus areas, we’ve developed several best practices for expertly crafting a fast-paced, high-energy environment that drives toward the desired objectives.

Momentum to move the needle Icon

Momentum to move the needle

GXG’s involvement continues even after the meeting concludes. Not only do we document key takeaways after each meeting, but GXG also organizes working groups to put recommendations into action, ensuring the momentum never stops.

"We've been using GXG's Digital Advisory Board program since 2014. GXG's fast-paced meeting facilitation ensures we are getting the most critical and actionable insights from our external experts."

Stephen Ebbett, CDO, Assurant