Direct Connections

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Our Direct Connections program helps leaders accelerate their growth initiatives by intentionally connecting them to external operators with the right combination of knowledge and experience.

Deep dive topics with specialists Icon

Deep dive topics with specialists

Our connections are facilitated conversations with external practitioners. These subject matter experts are able to drill down to their experience and share practical, hands-on advice, while GXG participates as facilitator, capturing key insights and next steps.

Continuity between connections Icon

Continuity between connections

Clients are assigned a dedicated GXG partner to constantly evolve their One-to-One program. You are not bound by the original knowledge gaps and can pivot to add new, pressing topics at any time. GXG will also make recommendations for additional areas to explore based on our own experience.

Networking with purpose Icon

Networking with purpose

The expert connection is only the beginning. Throughout the One-to-One program, our clients intentionally build their personal network for reference whenever the next tough challenge arises.

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Maximize return on time invested

GXG brings a structured process to learning. We manage all scheduling, preparation and facilitation to ensure conversations deliver the desired objectives. This also allows clients to focus on how they can apply the advice shared.