Immersion Experiences

Rapid-Cycle Learning Our Programs


An Immersion Experience places an executive team in an entirely new environment to stretch their thinking, explore potential partnerships and accelerate their strategic execution through a one or multi-day program.

Value Delivered

  • Clients leave with a structure to continue to vet potential partners or investments
  • Stepping outside of the day-to-day cultivates a new outlook and prepares the team to execute on their initiatives upon return


Program Design: Client goals are assessed, and potential locations suggested where there is concentrated investment, technology, and other industry activity in the desired focus areas. Participants from companies with strategic relevance to the client are vetted and selected based on best-fit for the program objectives.

Meeting Execution: We develop a mixed format agenda to help the executive team learn at general and applied levels. We also ensure all participants are fully prepped with background on the company and reason for meeting – this is not another pitch. GXG sets an environment for strategic-level conversations that often result in continued engagement and partnership discussions between our client and the external participants.

Activation: Day One of every experience starts with a guided exercise to agree on the desired outcomes for the team in the context of the company's larger goals. Every interaction is measured against these objectives individually and then as a group, and follow-up items are assigned to an internal participant. GXG helps ensure continued engagement after the Experience concludes, tracking and facilitating follow-up as needed.