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Not another corporate tour, GXG Immersion Experiences are designed to provide actionable insights, build startup relationships, and open executive teams to new ways of bringing innovation into the company.

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Culture & Incentivization

Alignment within the SLT of an organization is essential to the success of transformation initiatives ranging from cultural to the most technical. GXG’s immersion experiences provide exposure to the innovative cultures and creative environments found within early and growth stage companies. GXG then goes a step further to cover incentivization techniques that support similar cultures and environments within legacy organizations. 

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Components & Process

Building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with Universities, Investment Funds (VC, PE, Angel), Thought Leaders, and Startups ranging from early stage to growth stage, allows our clients the opportunity to rapidly close their knowledge gaps surrounding their transformative goals. GXG helps our clients identify and cultivate these types of relationships by bringing a differentiated approach to the type of interaction and unique perspective on potential commercial opportunities following these introductions.

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Partnering with our clients for the three months following an immersion experience allows GXG to facilitate the identified follow up items and to hold all parties accountable for their respective role in activating these next steps. This approach ensures all the necessary actions are taken to add value to our client and the experience participants following the initial conversation, without distracting individuals from their important daily role and responsibilities.

"Our Experience with GXG challenged my team to think differently about how data could enable business growth... The way we were engaged in these conversations forced us to ask tough questions about our own business while also connecting us to disruptors and potential partners that weren't on our radar. "

Joe DePinto, President, Specialty Solutions, Cardinal Health