Immersion Experiences

Rapid-Cycle Learning Our Programs


A true understanding is often experiential. An Immersion Experience places an executive team in an entirely new environment such as Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Atlanta, Berlin, and many others to stretch their thinking, explore potential partnerships and accelerate their strategies through a one to two day program.

Strategically Focused

GXG builds a tailored agenda featuring external thought leaders, venture capital firms, innovation/research labs, universities, and fast-growth companies, all of whom are excelling in their field. GXG sets an environment for strategic-level conversations that often result in continued engagement and partnership discussions between our client and the external participants.

Applicable Insights

Stepping outside of the day-to-day cultivates a new outlook and transformative ideas that clients carry back to their team. GXG documents all follow up actions as well as the client activator to ensure continued engagement after the Experience concludes.

Immersion Experience Case Study

Business Model Innovation

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