We’ve reimagined traditional coaching to maximize business impact! By combining the assessments and action plans of traditional coaching with our output-focused execution model, we’re helping leaders materially change the trajectory of their careers, one conversation at a time.

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Moments That Matter

Curious if Impact Coaching is right for you? Check out our Moments that Matter one pager to see if you’re operating in one of our critical moments of transition.

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Learning Ecosystem

Our Learning Ecosystem is a custom-assembled, dynamic network of business operators aligned to your unique challenges. These folks have been where you are, and have relevant, hands-on experience to share. After the conversations, these operators become a part of your network whenever future challenges arise.

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Leadership Game Changers

With our Leadership Game Changers, you get dedicated time with a former CEO to drill down into what moved the needle for him. You’ll also receive insights from other leading operators to round-out your leadership toolkit.

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UNSTUCK Coaching Sessions

You'll exit each conversation with something specific to act on, so you start seeing results right away. During our UNSTUCK Coaching Sessions, we review how to apply key learnings from your operator conversations and also discuss any adjustments to your program to ensure we're always focused on the right stuff.

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Iterative Process

GXG's Impact Coaching program follows an iterative process guided by your individual needs and GXG's expertise in operator-based learning. 

Initial Assessment: review existing company assessments, complete 360 feedback, create Action Plan

Learning Ecosystem: blueprint for all connections, directs the specific topics to address with external operators

Leadership Game Changers: one-on-one conversations with leading operators, deep dive their needle movers

Operator Connections: facilitated conversations, explore specific Learning Ecosystem topics

UNSTUCK Coaching Sessions: apply connection learnings, additional topics aligned to Action plan