GXG's Impact Coaching program is the best of both worlds: it combines the assessments and action plans from traditional coaching with GXG's proven execution model. We augment our coaching sessions with external operator calls to tackle specific challenges and deliver meaningful business impact.

Dynamic Learning Icon

Dynamic Learning

We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” model. At the start of each engagement, we jointly assess the situation and create a meaningful Action Plan. And, we readily adjust or refine your custom learning ecosystem to ensure we’re always focused on the right stuff.

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Emphasis on Results

We intentionally select external operators with the right knowledge and experience to help. Through facilitated conversations with these operators, we ensure program learnings have immediate, practical applications that drive real business results.

Purposeful Network Icon

Purposeful Network

We source operators outside of your core network, which often includes peers from the same industry or those in a similar role in different industries. After the conversations, these operators become members of your extended network, increasing the diversity of perspectives.

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Iterative Process

GXG's Impact Coaching program follows an iterative process guided by your individual needs and GXG's expertise in operator-based learning. For more details, check out our Impact Coaching Overview.