Can you remember a moment in your work life when you felt stuck?

You are not alone. Nowadays, the pace of technological change and the real threat of disruption fuel a relentless pursuit of growth, a need to demonstrate momentum to the board, to shareholders, and to the organization.

But as companies continue to push outside their core in search of these growth opportunities, they are more likely to encounter novel challenges where they lack the knowledge and experience to execute confidently.

Here at GXG, we help address those times when senior leadership is stuck on advanced, complex, cross-functional business problems. We approach the task in a radically different way based on a few core beliefs. 

We believe in looking outside for help

We facilitate conversations between our clients and other operators. People who’ve successfully tackled the question at hand and have practical insights to share. While this approach may sound radically simple, we have seen firsthand the power in these deliberate conversations. Our clients wrap-up a GXG engagement with a clear roadmap for execution and the confidence that their approach has been pressure-tested by leading operators.

We believe our clients are smart

We are constantly blown away by the talented, passionate executives we work with. We believe they are capable of driving incredible business results, they just need a learning boost to address their pressing knowledge gaps. Our clients leave a GXG engagement empowered to execute based on the new skills and understanding they have acquired, eliminating long term dependencies on outside help. 

We believe getting stuck is a sign of progress

Based on our body of work, we believe today’s leaders get into these executional ruts when they lack wisdom, that particular combination of the knowledge and experience needed to execute with confidence.  This happens whenever companies look to grow outside of their core capabilities and being very stuck is just a sign that they are reaching for more drastic change. For a deeper dive, see our blog post on the Four Zones of Business Growth

We believe in being fast, flexible, and efficient

The learning we facilitate is only useful to the degree that it can be applied in a timely fashion. GXG engagements are built on iterative cycles of learning, action, and moving the target as we help clients within the contexts of their roles and business imperatives. We support decision making throughout our work together so that clients exit our programs with a head start on execution plus the relationships they've built with their experts if they need more support. 

We believe in output

Every part of our work with clients is output driven. We hold our clients accountable throughout the engagement to ensure that decisions are made and insights are acted upon. By the time we wrap, our clients are already on the path to realizing measurable results from our work together!