We're learning brokers, sourcing and vetting experienced operators with the practical insights our clients need to tackle their challenges and get "unstuck".

Nowadays, the pace of technological change and the real threat of disruption fuel a relentless pursuit of growth, a need to demonstrate momentum to the board, to shareholders, and to the organization. But even seasoned leadership teams get stuck from time to time, as the reliable ways of operating fail to deliver the returns they once did. So what exactly is causing executives to get stuck? And how can an organization empower their senior leaders to overcome these challenges?

Based on our body of work, we believe today’s leaders get into these executional ruts when they lack the knowledge, experience and confidence to start executing. Our philosophy is that one of the most effective ways to overcome these knowledge gaps is to talk to people who’ve successfully tackled the question at hand. While this approach may sound radically simple, we have seen firsthand the power in thoughtfully seeking these external perspectives.

Our clients wrap-up a GXG engagement with a clear roadmap for execution and the confidence that their approach has been pressure-tested by leading operators.

We’re extremely selective when it comes to the people we connect our clients to. We source operators that are decision makers, active in their industries, with practical knowledge that they enjoy sharing. Because of the targeted intention behind each connection GXG makes, these operators quickly recognize our clients’ journeys as iterations of their own and help map out the way forward. Their external perspectives build on one another to help our clients drive progress and move the needle within their organization.