We’re learning brokers, sourcing and vetting experts with the practical insight clients need to tackle their challenges and get "unstuck".

GXG clients tell us all the time: “I’m stuck.”  Whether it’s a growth challenge in a new business unit or a major transformational initiative for the enterprise, even knowledgeable and experienced business leaders face challenges where they are uncertain of the best path forward. This can still be true after a consulting engagement or internal strategic exercise. A lot of time and money later there is a beautiful report with limited guidance about how to implement the recommendations. 

We’re huge fans of learning, but we believe in learning to execute.  To do that you need to talk to people who’ve successfully tackled the challenge in question. 

We work with you to pull apart the pieces of your executional challenge and identify the knowledge gaps that are preventing progress. Then we map them to the expertise of a tailored network of people and start connecting. 

These people are decision makers, active in their industries, with practical knowledge that they enjoy sharing. Because of the targeted intention behind each connection GXG makes, these operators quickly recognize our clients’ journeys as iterations of their own and help map out the way forward. Their external perspectives build on one another to help our clients drive progress within their organization.