Core Business Growth

One-to-One Case Study

Culture & Talent

  • Established an on-going relationship with one of the thought leaders introduced through the program, focused on re-invigorating the company's culture and leveraging all levels within the organization to create a stronger brand

  • Expanded the learning model across the executive leadership team by adding a learning component to quarterly Development Days with senior leaders following the structure of GXG's learning model

  • Distributed learnings to others by inviting team members with relevant knowledge to join follow-on conversations; this not only strengthened the applicability fo key takeaways but also enhanced the personal networks of other senior leaders

Growth Through Service

Explored how to create a better experience and add services for the company‚Äôs 16,000 advisors; specific ideas focused on how to enable these advisors to better serve their customers, the end investor.

Business Process Optimization

Discussed examples from peer business leaders around how they are leveraging data and analytics to improve efficiency.