Digital Transformation

Direct Connections Case Study

Client Imperative

Our client was the new segment CIO of a Fortune 500 healthcare services company. Previously the enterprise-level CISO, the client executive partnered with GXG to increase their effectiveness upon transition, specifically focused on creating and implementing an industry-leading IT strategy.

Learning Agenda

GXG built an ecosystem of the learning agenda and programed conversations to cover: lessons learned from other digital implementations; emerging technologies with the potential to disrupt the client company’s business model; cultural transformation and the communication necessary to successfully implement new strategies, including agile transformation; and best practices around data management, data governance, and data monetization. The operators selected spanned a variety of roles and industries to bring fresh and unique insights into the conversations while also broadening the clients personal network.

Key Takeaways

The client executive had 13, one-hour, facilitated calls with experienced operators. GXG delivered key takeaways documents following each connection. Highlights from the connections include:

  • Companies are struggling the most with the cultural implications of digital transformation and emerging technology. Identify one or two problems that are bothering folks and do design thinking around that to generate success stories
  • One example organization tried to centralize the data team to conduct analysis and create new offerings, but were too far removed from the business. Pivoted to start with the top 20 problems within their key industry verticals and then used data to solve.
  • Automation and digitalization can’t fix a broken or ineffective process in isolation. Follow the simple framework: identify, simplify, build and deploy. “Simplify” and “deploy” (adoption by the team) are critical steps.