Robotic Process Automation

Advisory Board Case Study

Automation Center of Excellence

The board built an operating and staffing structure for the Automation Center of Excellence (COE) capable of:

  • Identifying, qualifying and prioritizing new RPA opportunities

  • Identifying and placing talent to develop and manage the RPA lifecycle

  • Understanding the required funding and the timeline for return on investment associated with each RPA opprotunity currently in the pipeline

3-5 Year Vision

External members pushed the client team to define the 3-5 year vision that incorporates RPA as well as more advanced forms of automation.  

  • Beyond RPA, consider the underlying processes that can be improved

  • Regard RPA as another resource to improve efficiency and reduce cost within the operations of the business

  • Ensure you are always building for scale

Change Management

The board provided guidance on a workforce plan for the business once the implementation begins, including training and upskilling the existing talent.