How a banking client built an RPA Center of Excellence to help cut costs and improve customer experience

Advisory Board Case Study

Technology Challenge

The client bank had just completed an automation assessment with a major consulting firm which had identified almost 100 potential automation activities. They needed expertise to prioritize and move quickly on those recommendations.

Advisory Board Architecture

GXG built a focused, three-person advisory board which met twice within six months, with working group calls in between. Each external board member had extensive operational experience implementing RPA within an enterprise. They were able to quickly draw parallels between the client’s proposed roadmap and their own experiences, sharing practical insights with immediate applicability.

Key Takeaways

The external board members provided the client team with an operating and staffing structure for the Automation Center of Excellent (COE), ensuring the team was prepared to identify, qualify, and prioritize new RPA opportunities. The board helped the client understand the required funding and the timeline for the return on investment associated with each RPA opportunity currently in the pipeline. Working group calls between board meetings were extremely effective in helping them to implement the recommendations. The newly established COE has since been merged with another team to optimize existing resources.

There has also been a major cultural change in the organization; employees have embraced the bots and even given them clever names!