CES 2020 Trends

A summary of CES 2020 Trends

After Craig's return from CES this year, we took a look at what made the biggest splash and how likely it is to impact your life. For further reading, here are our highlights:

Zero Mass Water made a literal splash with a refined system that can condense water, quickly, from even dry air. The company is scaling up and already in use in water-scarce areas.

Impossible Foods returned to CES with a new pork substitute, expanding their offerings in an effort to reduce animal consumption and factory farming. We've been fans since the company participated in a GXG engagement in 2015. 

Delta inspired a little hometown pride with the new exoskeleton which will help baggage handlers lift up to 200 pounds for a full eight hour day, and will be rolled out in a pilot by the end of this quarter. 

This article reviews all the new screen technology on display, but not really accessible for the average consumer.

We have a bit longer to wait for air taxis. Perhaps more exciting is Toyota's forthcoming "city of the future" which will be a true to life training ground for AI and autonomous technologies. At a past GXG Advisory Board meeting, external members discussed how such closed, autonomous-vehicle exclusive environments will be necessary to see the maximum benefits. 

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