Set OKRs Not New Year's Resolutions

Before the holiday break, Chief Operating Officer Megan Kogan shared some tips for implementing OKRs. This goal setting model consists of two parts:

Objectives: Your big picture goals. Objectives should be ambitious, qualitative, time bound and actionable by the person or team.

Key Results: The 3–4 measurable outcomes that contribute to each Objective. Key results should be quantifiable, achievable, lead to objective grading and be challenging, but not impossible. 

The Objectives and Key Results framework is designed for collaborative, ambitious goals that help ensure your entire team is aligned around the company’s top priorities. When executed properly, OKRs are a powerful tool that creates focus and commitment and empowers employees to make decisions. We think you should consider setting OKRs rather than resolutions for your business.

However, before you add things to your plate, consider this:

Is there one thing you should stop doing in the new year?

This is a great question that we include in our own planning meeting. Enjoy this time to pause and reset your priorities.

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