Health NXT Live

Craig Lemasters led an interactive workshop introducing the Rapid-Cycle Learning methodology and how healthcare leaders can apply it to accelerate strategic change in their organizations. In addition to Craig facilitating the discussion, two operators with practical, hands-on experience shared their insights and key learnings with the audience.

Michael Becker, Managing Partner, Identity Praxis, is an intentionally recognized identity & personal information management solutions strategic advisor, speaker, entrepreneur, and scholar.

Anne Smith, CEO, HealthWise Data, launched HealthWise Data in early 2017. HealthWise Data develops and markets predicted health data on 265 million US consumers using a combination of known anonymized health data, consumer data (social determinates of health) and analytical models.

"Services allow us to use data to improve lives; we find often times clients are using data but it’s not the right data/combination of data to solve problems"

If you're interested in hearing more or seeing some materials from this event, please contact us at info@gxg.co.