A One-to-One engagement is the original form of what we call Rapid-Cycle Learning, where the learning agenda of a single executive is continually advanced through conversations with practical experts.

Value Delivered

  • External sandbox to test your hypotheses
  • Increased confidence in your path forward through discussions with trusted experts that have been there, done that and can point out the smoothest path forward
  • Learning that gets you past stuck and on to execution
  • Identify and avoid the pitfalls by learning from other’s mistakes


Program Design: We map out client’s knowledge gaps visually. We then match those knowledge gaps to areas of expertise and search our network and beyond for the right person to talk with. Once we identify a group of experts, we vet them and recommend the ones with the most relevant, hands-on experience.

5:50:5: We schedule, prep, facilitate and summarize all conversations to maximize client time invested. All connections follow our 5:50:5 model – five minutes of objective review, fifty minutes of facilitated discussion, and five minutes of wrap-up with GXG and our client to discuss next steps.

Iterate: Everything that is learned informs where we look for the next great connection.