Consumer Packaged Goods

Advisory Board Case Study

Growth Challenge

The client, an established leader in their industry, acquired a new brand and entered a new, commoditized market. The senior leadership team faced a steep learning curve on how to define the metrics for success and where to invest to grow.

Advisory Board Architecture

GXG built a focused, five-person advisory board which met three times within 12 months, with working group calls in between. Each external board member had extensive operational experience within the consumer packaged good or vitamins, minerals, and supplements space.

Key Takeaways

The external board members helped the client team set three goal metrics to reach by 2020 and a prioritized roadmap of initiatives to get there. For each of the six initiatives, the board clearly outlined the key milestones and expected impact. The board dedicated an impressive amount of time and energy to the working group calls between meetings, leaving the client team with a concrete set of next steps for each roadmap initiative. The board significantly reshaped the client’s outlook on the future of the business, pointing out strong positive differentiators.


  • Identified $25 million impact of improving margins by 2021
  • Outlined a $100 M + opportunity with a new channel & sales strategy
  • Prioritized two future product launches and helped highlight unique strengths of each
  • Validated decision to hire channel-specific expertise
  • CEO declared victory; huge organizational mindset shift on the outlook of the acquisition