Contact Center Growth Strategy

Advisory Board Case Study

Growth Challenge

This client hit a plateau after strong initial growth. A trusted and respected provider locally, they were challenged by the need to differentiate themselves in the wider market, including on the US mainland. 

Advisory Board Architecture

GXG built a three-person advisory board with very focused experience. The board met three times within 12 months, with working group calls in between, focused on internal and external communication, sales process, go to market strategy, and technology. 

Key Takeaways

The advisory board guided the client on how to execute a go to market strategy in the US and Europe; increase partnerships and grow the number of contact centers (and consequently revenue); and digitalize the business to attract new partners and add further value to their current partners. The board also emphasized the need for a strong narrative to sell themselves externally, but also to employees. A key initiative laid out how to hire, train, and retain talent. 


  • Roadmap from $50M ARR to $100M ARR
  • Designed a sales structure and process
  • Aligned the  shareholders around an exciting vision for the future
  • Agreed on metrics for success