Digital Transformation

Advisory Board Case Study

Growth Challenge

This Fortune 500 energy company started its 2.0 journey in 2016 with a small team focused on data and technology. They needed a plan to leverage some key technological accomplishments to connect the overall digital transformation to a new, competitive operating model. 

Advisory Board Architecture

GXG sourced five operators for an advisory board which met three times within 12 months, with working group calls in between. Each external board member had experience with digital transformation within the manufacturing or industrial space.

Key Takeaways

The external board members helped the client team set three goal metrics to reach by 2020 and a prioritized roadmap of initiatives to get there. For each of the six initiatives, the board clearly outlined the key milestones and expected impact. The board significantly reshaped the client’s outlook on the future of the business, pointing out strong positive differentiators. 


  • Customer Centric Strategy resulting in a robust, real-time, self-serve CX platform
  • Executive Committee alignment on key transformation objectives, accelerating progress and results
  • Refined digital ops strategy driving ICC rollout and increased operational excellence
  • Refined culture and talent roadmap managing spans/layers and ONA projects
  • Stakeholder communication gap analysis