Disruption and Innovation

Direct Connections Case Study

Client Imperative

Our client was an EVP of a Fortune 500 financial services company. The executive partnered with GXG to increase their understanding of relevant emerging technologies, industry disruption and trends, and leadership experiences in financial services. This helped them develop a perspective on topics which would later arise in internal meetings and on analyst calls.

Learning Agenda

GXG built an ecosystem and programed conversations to cover technology, strategy & execution, digital banking, disruption, and leadership. The goal was to prepare our client to lead change and innovation in their division and within the larger enterprise while supporting their personal development to prepare them for their next role.  The operators selected spanned a variety of roles and industries to bring fresh and unique insights into the conversations while also broadening the clients personal network.

Key Takeaways

The client executive had 13, one-hour, facilitated calls with experienced operators. Highlights from the connections include:

  • Blockchain can have transformational impacts on risk prevention and added value to customers when used in a consortium of trusted partners and combined with AI and the emerging 5G technology.
  • Trust is likely the most important commodity out there and how it is acquired and retained, particularly in financial services, is critical
  • Technology (Cloud, ML) enables companies to make things faster, cheaper, and more reliable, and should be used as a spring board that enables innovation and transformation
  • 5-10 years in cybersecurity is like a century in any other industry. There is increasing concern as banks transition to digital services. Prioritize implementing effective identity authentication mechanisms and securing the digital channel to back-end data