Financial Services

Advisory Board Case Study


As a result of the two board meetings, the client gained significant knowledge on how to build and begin operating their center of excellence. 

The external board members provided the team with an operating and staffing structure for the Automation Center of Excellent (COE).

  • The COE would be able to identify, qualify, and prioritize new RPA opportunities

  • Identify and place talent to develop and manage the RPA lifecycle

  • Understand the required funding and the timeline for the return on investment associated with each RPA opportunity currently in the pipeline

The board encouraged the client team to define a 3-5 year vision for the business.

  • Beyond RPA, consider the underlying processes that can be improved

  • Regard RPA as another resource to improve efficiency and reduce cost within the operations of the business

  • Build for scale

Brought forth change management considerations for the client team.     

  • Upskill and train the workforce

  • Develop a workforce plan for the operation of the business once the implementation has been completed


GXG implemented the board after the wrap-up of a traditional consulting engagement, which reviewed the client’s processes and identified close to 100 activities that were a strong candidate for RPA. Given this groundwork, GXG built a focused, three-person advisory board that met twice within six months, with working group calls in between, to accelerate the client’s ability to execute on the recommendations. 

Each of the external board members had extensive operational experience implementing RPA within an enterprise. They were able to quickly draw parallels between the client’s proposed roadmap and their own experiences, sharing practical insights with immediate applicability.