Rapid-Cycle Learning

Rapid-Cycle Learning Our Programs

Rapid-Cycle Learning is a targeted knowledge transfer through a series of intentionally programmed conversations with vetted external operators. GXG's philosophy is that Rapid-Cycle Learning provides leaders with the practical knowledge and confidence necessary to bridge knowledge gaps and accelerates strategic execution.

You will gain:

Rapid-Cycle Learning provides executives with the practical wisdom and confidence needed to overcome executional challenges and drive transformation within their organizations – resulting in more agile leaders.

Rapid-Cycle Learning delivers actionable insights through facilitated conversations.

  • GXG identifies knowledge gaps that are preventing progress

  • GXG sources and vets external experts with practical insights in the identified domains

  • GXG preps participants and facilitates discrete, open conversations

  • GXG helps capture and develop next steps to immediately apply key learnings

  • GXG continues to iterate as each conversation enhances the next one